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Born in Genoa on 25.05.1964. Graduated in law at Genoa University on 1988 and admitted to the Genoa and then Ravenna Bar on 1992.

He commenced his career as lawyer in October 1988; became a partner in 1996 and senior partner in 1999. He is specialised in maritime, labour and commercial matters; in particular, he has specific skills in shipping finance, contracts of carriage of goods by sea; disputes on charterparties and bills of lading and arrest of ships.

He also holds specific experience in labour disputes and personal injuries. He advises bank, financial institutions and shipowners on ship finance and companies on corporate law and M&A.

Since 1988 he was assistant professor in Labour Law with the Law Faculty of the Genoa University. Since 1989 Member of the I.S.D.I.T. (Institute for the transport law studies). On 1989-1991 Lecturer in labour law at the Police Academy . On 1990 he was appointed by the Faculty of Law of the Genoa University for the treatment of the case law on labour law in a data bank. Since 1990 Member of the C.E.D.I.M. (European Centre of Documentation and Information on maritime law).

Since 1990 Member of the editing board of the review Il Diritto Marittimo (maritime law review). Since 1992 Member of the I.S.D.I.T. (Institute for the transport law studies).

On 1992-1993 Lecturer on labour law at the Law Faculty of the Genoa University. On 1995-1996 Researcher with the National Research Committee (C.N.R.) on maritime labour issues. He is author of 41 articles and papers on maritime, labour and commercial law published on various Italian and foreigner law reviews and books.

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41. Recent case law about the representation of the ship agent in Court proceedings. In Dir. Mar., 2002, 1359.